Dale A. Welcome, Photographer


My original photography training was in an ancient classical form compared to current culture of iPhones, Instagram, and digital.  Those early days in photography started with film, ASA, smelly darkrooms, bulky equipment, color labs and Eastman Kodak.  No, I didn't use powder flash or single-fire flash bulbs, but by today's standards it seemed my start in photography was not that far removed from those flash bulb, 4x5 press field camera days.

Kodak no longer exists as we once knew it and I have fully embraced the new days of technology and digital photography.  But I do still cherish the rich classical portraits and lighting from the old great portrait artists like Yousuf Karsh.

My work allows me to frequently travel around the globe.  Presently, I have set foot on five of seven continents and have lost count of how many countries I have visited.  In the US, travel has brought me across borders in all but two states and my residence has been in Massachusetts, Washington, Oregon, Utah and California.  Today, I live in the beautiful wine country of Oregon's Willamette Valley.

One of my favorite quotes is from St. Augustine who says  "the world is a book and those that do not travel only read one page."

The pages of my book are represented by family, people, culture, food, God's creation, memories and many photographs.

Thank you for joining me in the book of my ongoing journey of life through my photographic images.